MXI-140 Intermesh Tilt Mixer


  • 140 Liter Mixing Capacity
  • 1000 HP Inverter Duty Motor
  • Front Feed/Rear Discharge
  • Dry-Type Mechanical Seal Dust Stops
  • Worm Gear Driven Chamber Tilt System
  • Parallel Shaft Speed Reducer

Mixing Chamber and Rotor Design

Our standard mixers are built and designed to have all compound material contact surfaces made of stainless steel.

  • Chamber – Stainless Steel
  • Sideboards- Stainless Steel
  • Rotors- Stainless Steel
  • Ram – Stainless Steel

In over 30 years of building tilt mixers we have optimized the rotor design to achieve the right balance of dispersion and maximized cooling. The rotor blade configuration and tip to bore clearances ensures the best compound mix is achieved.

Heavy Duty HP Designs

We have recognized in an ever changing market where more exotic compounds are formulated Kneader has consistently designed our mixers for heavy duty mixing applications. Only premium bearings, gear reducers and motors are used in every mixer we build.

General Specifications

Mixing Capacity – 140 Liter
Main Motor – 1000 HP
Tilt Motor – 20 HP
Rotor RPM – 0 ~ 50
Tilt Angle – 160º
Raw Material Feed – Front/Rear