TYR Series Twin Screw Feeder and Extruder

This uniquely designed Twin Screw Feeder and Extruder has a large volume hopper, which will accept a whole batch from the mixer. The twin screws continuously and automatically feed the compound, which then is extruded for straining and forming. This simple but effective feeder and extruder is combined in one machine which eliminates many labor intensive material handling processes, between the mixer and existing conventional extruders.


  • Large volume hopper capacity
  • Exceptional cooling and temperature control
  • Full and easy access for cleaning
  • Simple, automatic and continuous operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost effective and affordable


The whole surface of the hopper casing has a cooling jacket in addition to the large cooling surfaces of the twin tapered screws and barrel. As soon as the compound is dropped into the hopper, it is exposed to these cooling surfaces.


The feed hopper casing and the twin feeder screws and barrel are precision machined to maintain tight average clearances. This enhances the TE’s self-cleaning capability with little or no residual material remaining at the end of the extruding process, which is especially effective for soft compounds.