TSP Series Twin Screw Feeder Dump Extruders


The Kneader sheet preformer was designed to manufacture rubber sheets on a fully automatic basis. This uniquely designed sheet preformer consists of two sections, a twin taper screw feeder and a roller die unit. The feeder section has a large volume hopper, which is capable of handling multiple batches directly from a mixer. The twin taper screws “bite” and feed the rubber compound into a horizontal roller die for automatic and continuous sheeting, while large volume cooling jackets in the feeder and roller die section imparts effective cooling to the rubber compound.


  • Automated sheet production
  • Consistent material feed to rolls
  • Excellent sheet cooling capabilities
  • Produce sheet with less energy costs
  • Self cleaning – no residual material left in feeder section
  • Reduced wear (no feed screw to casing contact)
  • Improves compound uniformity


  • Rubber compounds
  • Plastic compounds
  • Master batches
  • Resins
  • Etc.