PR Series Twin Screw Feeder Dump Extruder

The PR Feeder Extruder combines a taper twin-screw batch feeder with a single screw extruder to manufacture preformed strips, slabs or pellets. This unique design allows the operator to discharge a compounded batch directly from the mixer to the feed hopper. The taper screws continuously and automatically feeds the compound to the single screw extruder. The versatility of the PR Feeder Extruder enables the compounder to screen/strain a multitude of compounds into various usable forms including pellets, strips and or slabs.

The twin screws feed a transition zone directly to the single screw and the automatic downstream equipment will convert the batch to pellets or strips. From mixer to finished container pack, the compound is conveyed and air blown through a series of cyclones, dropped onto a cooling conveyor, then automatically sorted for size in a classifier. The need for applied labor is greatly reduced and the output is dramatically increased. The PR is sold as a complete line.

The unit is engineered for long life and reliability. The newest technology is installed as standard equipment. AC inverter drives, temperature, time, power displays and paperless recording devices are also included.



Feeder Screw

Feeder R.P.M.

Hopper Capacity.

Extruder Barrel.

Extruder Screw

Extruder R.P.M.

Pellet Cutter



0 – 20

100 Liter

100 mm

30 HP

0 – 35

1 HP



0 – 20

150 Liter

125 mm

40 HP

0 – 35

2 HP



0 – 20

200 Liter

160 mm

75 HP

0 – 35

2 HP



0 – 20

300 Liter

180 mm

100 HP

0 – 35

2 HP



0 – 20

400 Liter

200 mm

250 HP

0 – 35

3 HP